‘Our High Command Is The People Of India,’ PM Modi Says In Lucknow: Highlights

Updated: Jan 2, 2017, 04:10 PM

Narendra Modi said it was imperative for Uttar Pradesh to develop for India to progress in every sense.

LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed a mega rally in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. In his first rally in the state after the 50-day deadline on December 30, post the November 8 notes ban announcement, got over, PM Modi said it was imperative for Uttar Pradesh to develop for India to progress in every sense.

Here are the highlights:

  • This is the biggest rally of my career
  • I am in politics for many years, have never addressed a bigger rally
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a fondness for Lucknow…. When he sees this gathering on TV, it will make him feel so happy. This is your tribute to him.
  • After seeing this gathering, no one will have any doubt as to what is going to happen in the Uttar Pradesh polls
  • The issue is not about BJP’s exile from UP for 14 years…. The issue is that development has been in exile for 14 years in the state
  • I can see the possibility of developments in UP after so many years
  • After decades, the country has got a government at the Centre which has a full majority
  • I am a MP from Uttar Pradesh. I have seen what kind of governments have been leading the state
  • We want India to march ahead, want poverty to be eliminated, illiteracy to end, diseases to end. But all these dreams will be fulfilled only when the fortune of Uttar Pradesh is changed
  • For India to progress, UP has to progress
  • There may have been a time when castes were important…. You all have endured the politics of caste and religion.
  • I appeal to you to vote for a better tomorrow…. Vote for progress and development
  • The Centre in the last two and half years provided Rs. 2.5 lakh crore to the state. Had this money been properly utilized, UP’s condition wouldn’t be like it is now
  • We (the BJP) is determined to see Uttar Pradesh’s progress and develop.
  • Its unfortunate that development is not priority for the rulers here
  • It is sad to see politics being played at the state level…. The people should not suffer because of governments at the state level
  • It pains me when I see how governments in the state have been functioning. Even for building a road, they first measure political considerations
  • The current government of UP is not ready to accept any responsibility and they are ready to provoke the farmers
  • Development is not their preference. They only know petty politics
  • Have you ever seen BSP and SP together? Both agree on ‘Modi hatao’
  • They say remove Modi I say remove black money, they say remove Modi, I say remove corruption. You decide what we want to remove
  • Vote for the development of Uttar Pradesh, forgetting all caste and creed
  • It is surprising to see that the UP government says they don’t have money to buy the farmers produce…. The truth is that the state government is not willing to buy it
  • The whole country knows who is fighting corruption and black money
  • You all are smart… you see everything… the decision is in your hands
  • I appeal to you all to do the right thing… to ensure justice…. To defeat those opposing this fight against corruption and black money
  • There is one party which is trying to promote the son of the family for 15 years, One party is trying to defend its corrupt transactions… and one party which cannot even solved their family issues, how will they solve UP’s problems
  • Our high command is the people of India. We have no other high command
  • I appeal to you all to vote for the BJP… and ensure that you do it with full strength so that Uttar Pradesh has a government with a full majority
  • I appeal to every Indian that we must not fall short on our fight against corruption and black money
  • I need your blessings… It will be our privilege to serve the people of Uttar Pradesh
  • For the BJP, the Uttar Pradesh election is not a matter of winning and losing… for us it is an election of great responsibility
  • For us it is the responsibility to carry Uttar Pradesh to greater heights, to help solve the problems of the people
  • Never ever forget ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’…. We want the best for those who are with us, and we also want the best for those who are not with us…. We must all live in harmony
  • Uttar Pradesh should set an example of harmony