EXCLUSIVE Divyanka Tripathi reveals much about her Europe honeymoon with husband Vivek Dahiya

Written by Priyanka Sharma
| Mumbai |
Published:December 15, 2016 9:03 pm


Divyanka Tripathi is a happy woman as her husband Vivek Dahiya is set to fulfil one of her biggest wishes, a visit to Paris.

Actor Divyanka Tripathi is a happy woman as her husband Vivek Dahiya is set to fulfil one of her biggest wishes, a visit to Paris, and what makes it more special is that it will be a part of their impending honeymoon. It might be coming five months after the couple’s grand wedding but Divyanka believes celebrating their togetherness in the city of love, Paris, will make-up for the delay.

The pair, who tied the knot in July, are heading for a Europe tour and will be ringing in the New Year in London. Divyanka told indianexpress.com that the fact that she will get to see France and the UK, where Vivek lived for some time, makes her extremely excited about the trip.


“This is a much-required break and my hubby wanted to take me to a place, which I would like a lot. I always wanted to visit France. Also, he wanted me to see the places where he has lived for a long time. So, he decided for a Europe tour. We will be visiting the UK, where he has lived. He will show me all places around and he fulfilled my wish by making the arrangement to make me visit Paris. I know a little bit French and he knows how much I love that culture so, he is taking me there,” Divyanka told indianexpress.com.

Busy with her show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Divyanka is not left with much time to plan the tour and is thankful to her husband, who is making the necessary arrangements by himself.

“He is the one, who is making all the arrangements and planning everything. Thankfully, my man keeps pampering me all the time,” she says about Vivek.

Enjoying every moment of her marriage, Divyanka says that now she has become an endorser of marriage and feels if one finds the right person, life becomes blissful.

“People should find the right person and must get married. But the most important thing is finding the right person and if you get that, then you should not think twice to tie the knot. Marriage is a different ballgame altogether, You share your everything with that one person. This kind of sharing is very different from you have done with your parents, siblings or in other relationships. Marriage is blissful and I am enjoying every minute of it,” she says.

To make sure she is not missed much on the small screen by her fans, Divyanka has shot for a lot of bank episodes. The actor also doesn’t forget to praise the show’s producer Ekta Kapoor for being so understanding.

“Balaji and Ekta (Kapoor) have been extremely nice. They actually wanted me to go for my honeymoon. So, we shot a lot in advance. Also, we had a schedule in Australia so, because of that we have bank episodes. it won’t be a problem,” Divyanka says.

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