Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi will fight for Ticket to Finale task


Written by Bhumika Sharma |
Updated: January 11, 2017 12:40 am

Bigg Boss 10, 10th January 2017 written update: Mona decides to quit the task and Lopa falls on her shoe lace.

Contestants wake up to a fresh morning in the Bigg Boss house with the song “Lakshya ko har haal mein paana hai.” Manveer takes the plates from the kitchen to the store room. Nitibha objects to this and brings back all the plates and gets into an argument with Mona Lisa over the cleanliness of the kitchen. Mona makes her understand that she is required to clean utensils properly before leaving the kitchen.


Nitibha announces the ticket to finale task. She further tells about the solar system task in which contestants are required to rotate around the ticket like planets of the solar system by holding a bowl of colored water in their hands.  Every time a contestant’s water spills or goes down beyond the yellow mark, or in case a contestant trips and falls due to some reason, he or she will be disqualified from the game. The competition will then move to the next level and the contestants will have to start walking in the second orbit. Last two contestants who successfully complete the task will get a chance to grab the Ticket to Finale week. Rohan is made the ‘sanchalak’ of the task while Lopa gets an extra edge over others and is asked to join in the second round.

Contestants initially have fun in the task but as the day unfolds, they begin to get tired. Manu and Nitibha get into an argument after Manu says that they will eliminate her from the game by pushing her. Nitibha intentionally starts walking slow, interrupting everyone’s walk in the process. Furthermore, Mona decides to quit the task and the game moves to the next level and Lopa also comes into action. As the orbit gets smaller, the competition gets tougher and the contestants opt for all possible ways to knock each other down.

Lopamudra  trips on her loose shoe lace, and falls. She looses the task. Manveer asks her if she is hurt. She replies “Why do you care? You anyway wanted to push me!” Manveer tries to make her realise that it is just a game, but fails.

Eventually, Nitibha also falls and hurts her foot. At last, Manveer Gurjar, Bani J and Manu Punjabi are left to compete in the task. Manu makes a strategy of pushing Bani from the back and tells this to Manveer. Both agree on the same, but Bigg Boss calls off the task and all three contestants get disappointed hearing it.

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