At Pakistan's urging, China blocks India's attempt to extradite Chotta Rajan shooter from Thailand


NEW DELHI: At Pakistan’s urging, China is now trying to block India’s efforts to extradite a Dawood gang man accused of shooting at Chhota Rajan in Thailand, sources told TOI.

It is learned that Pakistan, through China, has been trying to pressure the Thai government to stall the extradition process.

The shooter Munna Jhingada is in a Thailand jail on charges of shooting at Dawood rival Chhota Rajan, in Bangkok 17 years ago. Dawood himself is said to be ‘hiding’ in Pakistan.

Several teams of the Mumbai police have been to Bangkok to obtain custody of Munna. However sources say the Thai government is not cooperating with India. The case for Munna’s extradition is dragging on in a Thai court.

It is alleged that Munna went to Bangkok in 2000 to eliminate Chhota Rajan. He was able to obtain a Pakistani passport with help from the D-company. Pakistan has cited his passport to claim Munna is a Pakistani citizen.

Munna is originally a resident of Mumbai’s Yogeshwari area, and Mumbai police have shared evidence of his citizenship with their Thai counterparts.

This is not the only instance of China stalling India’s efforts to bring a criminal to justice, on the urging of Pakistan. It has repeatedly raised a ‘technical hold’ to block UN sanctions against Masood Azhar, founder of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Reported by Sunil Mehrotra/Navbharat Times

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